Asiari Truly Asian

Lets talk about food now, since i cant stop writing today. Everyone loves to eat. Me and Harry pon sangat suke makan. Merate-rate kitorang cari mknn yg sedap. We dont care about the place, as long as its delicious and clean enough and pork free, kiter ngap jer! So as we went to Shah Alam last week, we ate at this restaurant called Asiari in SACC Mall. Selalu jgak we went to SACC Mall but never bother to eat in this restaurant. And that particular day, we went to that restaurant maybe cuz we were sooooo straving!! dah kebulur sgt, tanpa berfikir panjang we just masuk restaurant tu. Okay jgak la mknn die. The menu is very tempting, Sedap, nice presentation, service pon bagus, and the price is affordable. Both Butter Rice with Ayam Percik and Daging Masak Merah with Fried Lotus is only for RM 10.90 each.

Butter Rice with Ayam Percik

Butter Rice with Ayam Percik

Daging Masak Merah with Fried Lotus

Daging Masak Merah with Fried Lotus

Asiari Restaurant,SACC Mall

Asiari Restaurant,SACC Mall

We only tasted these 2 dishes. Its worth every penny. We’ll definitely goin to Asiari next time and order another dishes from their menu. Out of 5 stars these are the ratings for taste, price and service.

YUMMY : ***
$$$ : ****
KIndness : *** 1/2


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5 responses to “Asiari Truly Asian

  1. tommy versetti

    wah sdap nyer..
    daging mera pn ade…
    ayam msak ketam xde ke kak..haha

  2. lankutu

    yummy..sedap plak nampak ayam percik..heheh

  3. Khairi

    Cara siut Ayam percik tuh.. tp butter rice dia paling besh ar.. ish kalo la caterer opiz aku leh wat camni..huhuhu…

  4. the butter rice is excellente!

  5. Jo.

    I had the Lemongrass Chicken was delectable!

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