Excellent taste,bad services

I am so pissed with Baskin Robin employee in Alamanda Putrajaya. I dun mean to condemn but this is what happened to us last week. Here goes the story,on the July 30th my boss told everybody that we’re goin to have an ice-cream party on Friday, August 1st (due to appreciate for all the hard work each of everyone in Monster Tech plus his son is goin back home ) . In order to make that happen we have to do the pre-order before we can buy the ice cream on friday. So on that Thursday nite me and Harry went to Alamanda Putrajaya to make the pre-order or we might not goin to have any ice-cream party. It took an hour and a half for us to do the pre-order becuz as you all know BR is having their SALE on every 31st, so you can imagine how long people is Q-ing to buy that damn ice-cream.

Baskin Robin

Baskin Robin

baskin robin ice cream

baskin robin ice cream

To make is short, we manage to do the pre-order thing. The next day, which means FRIDAY itself me, Iman and Kian Yang went to Alamanda to pick up our ice-creams. As we were there, we have to wait (haiz..dah aku plaing tak suke WAITING!) like another 20 minutes because they still preparing it for us. The thing that pissed me so much is that, when Iman asked this one girl (she jage the cashier that time) ‘ Yang ni harge die berape?’ and the girl just pegi tempat lain and ignoring Iman.Tak pandang muke langsung! padahal suare Iman dah kuat dah time tu. What the heck? Dun she saw Iman is standing right in front of her? and then dtg plak sorg pekerja lelaki ni, Iman tanyer die nape die tu rude sgt?? Tak nampak ke ader customer kat depan ni? and then the guy said, ‘ Semua harge dah ader kat atas ni kak. Akak cube bace.’ without any smile he just blah and continueh his work..(macam la BZ sgt!) Dont u think they are rude?? I mean…we bought ice-creams from them for like RM ONE THOUSAND something and they treat us like crap???! What a service..i just hope that they will not treat other customer like they treated us. I mean its BASKIN ROBIN, such a big name. They shud have a courtesy towards customers.


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5 responses to “Excellent taste,bad services

  1. baibai

    No wonder Kian Yang told me Iman gaduh with them… So bad lar the service, I think they are too proud because they are famous.

  2. No wonder Kian Yang told me Iman gaduh with them. So bad lar their service, I think they are too proud because they are famous.

  3. OK, maybe next time we should try hagen daazs.. sounds like a plan?
    i heard the more you bought, the cheaper it gets… 🙂

    but unfortunately i think the nearest HD is in Sunway Pyramid if im not mistaken

  4. Khairi

    tp apa2 pon..lepas makan ice cream.. hilang terus rase marah.. YUMMY!!

  5. (fadzli) Yeah!!..HD taste better than BR actually. Its just that they dun have any branch near cyberjaya. NEXT TIME..HD!

    (khairi) lepas makan ice-cream tu pon stilll marah lagi. tak puas hati arh!! spent byk gile tapi layan org cam hampeh!

    (baibai/mango) yea..they are too proud because they think they are famous enough!..

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