Small injury, big scream!!

Ayui and fara

Ayui and fara

Last week, I went to meet my dearest friend from uni, Ayui. It’s been a while since our last meet. She’s currently taking BA Hons in Advertising in UiTM and me starting my carrier in Cyberjaya. That’s explain why we don’t get to see each other much. She’s busy with her study and i’m busy with my thing.

So, i met her last week finally! She said she have a class form 6-9PM and after that she have futsal with friends at Sports Planet Section 16 Shah Alam at 10PM. So i eagerly waited for her that nite. Eventhough waiting is the most unlikeable thing to do i still wait for her cuz i really wanted to see her.

She arrived around 10.15PM with a bunch of friends. Friends that i knew from Uni. They all going to play futsal (all girls). Everyone knew that Ayui is kick-ass in futsal, so i dont want to miss my chance to watch her play. She’s damn good! but unfortunately that night, she slipped her legs and she cant move her left leg (ankle specifically). So everyone was helping her to get her sit on the bench. And she as usual, screaming like she just got one major injury. I dont want to laugh and i dun mean to make fun of her, its just that she’s too pampered and making it very the drama! lol!Everybody is trying to calm her down.  but she still can joke eventhough she’s in pain. It’s a relieved for each of everyone of us to see that she can still joke around. Here are some pictures of her after the injury.

ayui and the girls
ps : parents dah pesan jgn main futsal, tapi tak nak dengar, degil!
Take care Ayui. We’ll lepak again one day… =) and this time no more injury, comprende??


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5 responses to “Small injury, big scream!!

  1. Khairi

    Ala… poyo je ayui tu.. bukan sakit pon si gemok tu.. She try to proove she slim gile.. cuba tgk ramai leh angkat dia tu.. kekeke.. jgn mara ek.. ayui!..

  2. awwww…
    Welcome to blog-with-wordpress club…
    miss ya

  3. tommy versetti

    kaki anda akan mnjadi sbuah belon yg sgt besa…
    trust me..

  4. cornishevangelist

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  5. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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