The first satay in 2 years!

Fuzy and Mira

Fuzy and Mira

According to wikipedia, the word familydenotes a group of people affiliated by consanguinity, affinity and co-residence. Although the concept of consanguinity originally referred to relation by “blood”,many anthropologists have argued that one must understand the notion of “blood” metaphorically, and that many societies understand ‘family’ through other concepts rather than through genetic distance.

Family is one of the precious thing on earth that we could not buy. That’s why we should appreciate each of every member in the family and they should come in the first priority. I am so grateful that i have such a wonderful family. A full-of-facts grandad, a very generous grandmum (in loving memory, Al-Fatihah), a very responsible dad, an understanding and loving mum, crazy yet fun siblings, great uncles and aunties, and very cool cousins! (and oh, and a very caring,loving,funny,thoughtful bf a.k.a husband-to-be)… its just perfect!

The thing is, when you have your family with you, you will not appreciate them until you lose them. Then you realize that you really love them and need them the most and its too late to appreciate them. I have like 8 cousins (from my dad’s side) we’re all grew up together since we’re little. (i mean not all , but 6 of us to be specifically). That’s because we’re living in Malaysia. And my 3 other cousins is living in the US (Boston and New York) for 6 years since they were young and then move up to Amsterdam for like 3 or 4 years and they got to live in Malaysia for about i cant really remember for how many years(they live in the overseas more than they live in Malaysia). And now their parents is moving to Sarajevo because my uncle just got promoted as an Ambassador of Malaysia to Sarajevo. So, i didn’t get to see their parents much. To make it short, my cousin Mira is coming to Malaysia. She’ll be here from the end of July until the 28th August. She fly from Cuba to Sarajevo and from Sarajevo to Malaysia. The interesting thing about my cousin is that she’s studying in CUBA taking BA Hons in Humanities in Santa Clara for 6 long years! and she’s one of the top students in the class. Im so proud of her..she said that all the assignments and the lecture is in Spanish. Believe it or not she read, write and speak in  Spanish fluently in just 3 months! What a girl!



So, went out last night and lepak at hartamas square doing some catch up thing with each other. its like a small reunion for us. And we’ll have the big cousins reunion next week (hopefully!). Harry and my brother ordered some satay for our supper. And once the satay got on our table, then Mira said, ‘This is my first satay in 2 years!’ and we all like look at her and at the same time doing the weird face.

And then she said, ‘In CUBA, the food is not as good as in Malaysia. The main dish is only WHITE RICE with BEANS, only beans! You can only get beef or chicken once in a while’. Hu-hu..that’s sad. No wonder she looks thinner than the last time i saw her (it was like 4 or 3 years ago). Go to CUBA if you

before went back home

before went back home

want to lose your weight.LOL!. She said in CUBA there’s not much to do. Because the place that she live in; Santa Clara is very small, that everybody knows everybody. And her class is like 15mins walk from the her house. And the famous transport is ‘kereta kuda’. The most interesting thing about CUBA is the beach. The blue/green ocean, the white sand, the wind, the sun.. oh its just so perfect! But she didn’t get tanned at all! And then we also talked about Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina). Since I’ve never been there, i am so interested about the country. I mean everyone knows about the war in Bosnia right? And its really scary and pathetic. But according to Mira, Bosnia now is slowly develop and thanks to Malaysia Government. They have 3 presidents in Sarajevo. Can u believe that? 3 presidents in one country? The Bosniak, Croats and Serbs. Last 2 months my uncle brought those 3 presidents of Bosnia to meet Pak Lah. The Bosnian love Malaysian. If u ever go to Bosnia, just tell them that you are from Malaysia they will treat u like a king (not really like a king la, I’m just saying it as a metaphor, but seriously, they’ll treat you super nice!) 

Fara, Harry and Ameer

Fara, Harry and Ameer

Most probably because Malaysia have helped them so much after the war. Even now, Malaysia government is giving up 2 million euro to Malaysia’s ambassador to make the Sarajevo a better place to live in. According to Mira Malaysia already built them mosque, schools and supply computers for them. Malaysia have done a good deeds. Hours after hours we talked and talked until we didn’t realize that its almost 1 in the morning and we have to go home because its working night, or I’m not gonna wake up in the morning! huhu..     

So, nuff about my cousin Mira and nuff about CUBA and Sarajevo. Im going to stop here,rite now, cuz if not i’ll be writing until tomorrow morning. (ha-ha). Anyway, i just want to say that I AM PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN!! and I wish there’s a way for me to make Malaysia for a better place to live in.

Happy 51st Independence Day MALAYSIA!!!    


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  2. Fuzy

    nice blog u have..

  3. I always think the best thing about Malaysia is the food! 😀

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