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Have you ever heard of Ellen DeGeneres show? Of course you do right? One of the famous talk show other than Oprah in the US. FYI Ellen is a gay by her sexual orientation and she’s been dating with one of the hot and talented actress in Hollywood, Portia De Rossi from the famous series of Ally McBeal. Ellen DeGeneres (50) and Portia de Rossi (35), who’ve been dating since December, keep on smiling despite braving the bitter cold during a stroll through New York City’s SoHo neighborhood on Thursday. Finally  they got married on the August 16 in L.A.

Im happy for them as long as they’re happy. I dont want to be judgemental here because i dont deserve to judge. I know you guys see the problem here, female + female get marry, it is sooooo not the way thing should be (nauzubillah), but im wondering why did Portia De Rossi chose Ellen to be so-called-husband? why?? i mean, look at her, she’s stunning, talented, rich, independent, etc.. its not like she never dated a guy before. Guys are crazy over her, she could get any guys that she want, but she chose Ellen? Why?

Oh, I know! Maybe because all the guys that shes been dating are crap and useless perhaps! Just wanting her because of her look, her money, her body, and her popularity. But Ellen, sees her as a woman! Treat her like a lady, pour her with romantic words, give her everything she needs, be her crying shoulder, most of all sensitive towards her feelings! Real man dont have that kind of qualities! I guess. I mean, its very hard to find a guy that can really understand a woman. Woman a.k.a lady is one complicated creations alive. Honestly, from the perspective of a girl not yet a woman, I agree that woman have a very sensitive feeling and easily hurt by something that the partner had said or done (even if its a small thing, no bigger-deal). For example, maybe for guys, they think open a door for a woman is just a small thing but for woman, we think it as a very big honour for us. (open door, carry heavy/not-so-heavy thing,help cleaning the house or cooking, spend time together and listen while we’re talking,etc)  Even a man who have been married for decades still cant understand her woman. It’s just a hard thing to do, but thats where the fun begin. They’ll quarrel over something and they’ll make up and I heard that make-up sex is THE best part. (teehee..)

People, I dont say that I am pro to heterosexual marriage, but I think, its up to the individual. I mean sometimes the gay people are more kind-hearted then the straight people.  So, we shouldn’t be so prejudice about gay people. And sometime woman/man just feel more comfotable being with someone who have the same sex than the opposite sex. By all means, we all know that this kind of relationship cant be working, some of us just despite all the gay community on how they express they’re sexual feeling?? But they’re harmless though . Who are we to judge? Let them be judged by God in any religion they are. It’s between them. World peace =)


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