Shit happens

I went to MATTA Fair at PWTC last weekend hoping that i can get something or anything worth it. Unfortunately, shit happened on that day. As we walked and searching for the best deal to go to Sarajevo,which is really hard to find,in the ocean of people, i didn’t realize that my phones is missing. I only noticed it when I want to make a call. That time, only GOD knows how i feel. Not only my phone is missing, so is my dads’ brand new phone, which not even charge for 6 hours yet! That is the saddest part. My dad gave money to buy a new phone and digital camera for him. So, the day before i went to MATTA fair, i bought him the phone. And, the reason i went to MATTA fair, other than to find a great deal to Sarajevo but also surveying for digital camera that my dads asked meto buy.

So, can you imagine?? The phone that i just bought for my dad which is not even 24-hours in my hand got stolen?! what the heck? I dont know how the thief got it from my handbag. So professional! After the incident happen, my mood from happy totally went down to zero! No morehappy for me that day. I quickly ask harry to call Gan, which is our friend who sells handphone with a undeniably-good price,asking for the model that i just bought the day before.Thank god he still have the model in his shop. So we rushed to his shop which is located near KLCC and purchase another same model and a new handphone for me.  Huh~ what a waste! And i have delay the purchasing for my dad’s digi cam using my own money. Daymn!  But, what to do? Shit happens! So, moral of the story here, don’t ever you put ur precious belonging at the same place. Or else,you will end up like me and harry. ( FYI, harry already lost 2 of his laptops and a PSP ). I just hope the thief will regret with what he did and let him be punished by the Almighty.



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2 responses to “Shit happens

  1. Ady

    You’re right, shit happens.

    I am sorry to hear that, it is very disappointing to have things stolen from you.

  2. giler kesian…
    next time dont go to matta fair again okay?!

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