Happy 1 month old..

As the time goes by, i didnt realize that my car is already one month old on Sept 6th 😉 and already been driven for about 3000km.  It’s a really nice car to drive. I’m glad that Harry pushing me for it. I’m loving it! No regret.


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5 responses to “Happy 1 month old..

  1. Yea, it’s definitely a cool car for a fashionable girl like you 🙂

  2. fuzy

    WaaAAaa!!!already 1 month!!tapi tak penah pn kau drive..hehehe

  3. i drove it like 5 times!..hehe..im just not use to it yet.so, i let harry drive it for me.. 😉 until i feel confident that i can drive like peeps from the fast and the furious.

  4. Fuzy


  5. huhuhuuu that photo-g in 2nd pics daringly pose while taking low angle take shot.. i like!!! 😀

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