Lucky I’m using Maxis


As you all know, my phone got stolen last saturday and today I just received my replacement card from Maxis. Thank god! I’m so happy with Maxis service. Harry called them on the day my phone got stolen and ask them to suspend my line for a while until futher notice. They called Harry yesterday evening saying they are really sorry that my phone has been stolen and they said they will send me the new replacement simcard. And today,I got my new simcard without having to hassle or rushing to Maxis Center. They bring the card to me, without any charge! 🙂 yeay!  They always put their customer as their first priority. We never have any problems dealing with Maxis, their customer service is excellent!Thanks Maxis! You’re the best!


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3 responses to “Lucky I’m using Maxis

  1. fuzy

    sis..u said that dah dapat sim card kan?
    cos i tried to called u since lastnite..
    tp tak leh pun..

  2. thats becuz i didnt activate my sim card yet.
    hehe, i’ll do it tomorrow. so, tomorrow onwards you can call me anytime u want. 😉

  3. Fuzy

    i tryed to call u just now..
    tapi tak leh pun..u said anytime i like!!

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