The Perfume

 Have you guys watch this movie called Perfume : Story of a Murderer?? well, i’ve watched it and it’s not bad. I’d give 3 stars out of 5.Dirty, psycho-maniac guy who obsess about perfume and how powerful perfume can be. Actually I’m not gonna talk about about this movie. I’m talking about real perfume. My friend selling an original perfume for a very cheap price comparing to the one at perfume counter in any outlets. I’m sure you guys have heard about factory outlet sale. Same with the perfume that my friend’s selling. It’s original perfume the only thing it comes with no box only a the bottle and a pouch. Last time I bought Esteé Lauder Pleasure perfumes for my sister and guess how much it cost me? Only RM150 for 50ml. The actual price selling at counter is about RM200 as for the 100ml bottle I can get at RM190 only while the price they selling at the counter is RM265! You see how much money you can save? It’s a lot you know? We’re trying to be a smart consumer nowadays right? Now is the time 😉 . So, if any of you have thoughts on buying a perfume, you can always turn to me. Just let me know what perfume would you like to have.Here are some of the price list for some perfume :


Paris Hilton perfume by Paris Hilton  :

RM170, 50ml  and  RM200, 100ml

 counter selling price :

                                 RM201, 50ml  and  RM280, 100ml 




CK Euphoria Blossom for women :   RM160, 50ml  and  RM220, 100ml
  CounRM 236, 50ml  and  RM313, 100ml



       J’adore by Dior  :

        RM160, 50ml   and   RM200, 100ml   

       Counter selling price :



And whole lot more. Just give me your list and i’ll find out for you whether she have it or not.  😉


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5 responses to “The Perfume

  1. Fuzy

    where is my present?
    hehe..ckp this month.

  2. missAA

    fara..fara..nk tau price for jean paul gaultier for men..

  3. sure, i’ll let u noe by tomorrow kay dear?
    i have to ask her whether its available or not

  4. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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