LUXURY Clearance SALE!!!

Hey! I’m back with some good news! For anyone who needs a new designer handbags, shoes or sandals , or a wallet, this is the best time for you to shop. Here’s some details about the event. Don’t miss out this chance ladies! I’m definetely goin on saturday after i’m done with the PS3 purchasing 😉 Can’t wait! By the way you can visit this website for more info
p/s : To Lan : bawakla fazelina pegi sini. sure she’ll love it.


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4 responses to “LUXURY Clearance SALE!!!

  1. hi!! are u still interested in the necklace n2?? Let me know.

  2. Thanks … will try to drag Lan here 😛 .. Just love Jimmy Choo shoes btw link typo should be instead of

  3. hey babe..the grey with blue stars top has been reserved for you..emailed us for further arrangements yea?
    thank you!

  4. jessica alba, before during and after she got pregnant

    just thinking how she looks like can make my nose bleeding oledi.. haihh

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