Missing Orpheus

For years, i’ve been thinking of adopting pets. Unfortunately for me, untill now I still cudn’t owned one. I really want to owned a cat. I did owned a kitten once. His name is Orpheus. I took him from a stray cat that gave birth under our shoe rack at my previous house. I only took care of him for like a month and a half, after that mom asked me to give out to someone that can take care of him because we’re moving to our new house. And mom doesn’t really likes cat. It’s sad when u have to give out something that you love to someone else. I gave it to my sister’s friend. She had a lot of cats at her house. A cat lover, now you know why im considering to give out my precious kitten to her. But unfortunately my Orpheus cudn’t stay long in this world. According to the friend of my sister, Orphy (his nickname) didn’t want to drink his milk, didnt want to eat, he refused to do anything and he looks gloomy and she said maybe it’s because he misses me so much! ='(  I felt guilty over his death. He’s just so small and so cute and playful too! I wish I could turn back time and not giving him out to someone else. But I have bo choice, mom didnt want me to keep it. Im so sorry Orphy. Now, I’m thinking of adopting a cat; A Norwegian Forest cat or at least a Maine Coon. I just love that kind of breed. But Im not sure whether I can have it or not, because  beloved future husband of mine doesn’t like cats either! Poor me.. But I’m trying my best to make him love this cute little creature. (Pray for me you guys..*wink*) 

Talk about pets, my sister just adopt a sugar glider recently! YEAY! (Congrats Fuzzy!) The Sugar Glider or Petaurus  breviceps, is a small gliding possum native to eastern and nothern mainland Australia, New Guinea and the BismarckArchipelagon and introduced to Tasmania.FYI sugar glider is a very cute little fella. And very tame too if you really take a good care of him since baby. She named him Neo. It’s so easy to take care of him. He likes fruits; most favourite fruit is pear. And this little fella loves to sleep by day and only active by night. Here are some picture of Neo.


What do u think? You can get it from Pets Wonderland or Aquaria for like RM450 each.. If you buy it pair, be cautious, cuz it really can breeds =)

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