Oh So Tense!

Ola my lovely readers.okay to all of you who just know me  through my blog, i’m gunna spill out something big that’s goin to happen to me once in a lifetime. Yeh, i’m getting married! Another 3 months to go. All this wedding thing makes me so tense and tense! (see, how tense i am? i can’t even think of word other than tense! geez, shoot me!) My wedding is goin to be on the 20th FEB (for the ‘akad nikah’) and 21st FEB ( for the wedding reception- my side) and 1st MAR (wedding reception – groom side). 

3 MONTHS to go. Urgghh! I haven’t settle anything yet but only for the hall. For the wedding and nikah dress, I’m still searching for a local designer to tailor and design my dress. Or maybe, i’m just gunna rent it. Man! I’m just so confuse. Or maybe im gunna wear my mom’s ‘akad nikah’ dress. It’s still looks fresh! =) (my mom have sucha good taste! hehe) i love her ‘akad nikah’ dress, simple yet stunning! but, i already bought some french lace and thinking of tailorize it as my ‘akad nikah dress’ . But when i think about it again, it’s too grand  and  too transparent for the ‘akad nikah’ ceremony. I hate when i get confuse. And i hate it when i have to make decision when i’m confuse. damn it!


(to be continued….)


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  2. thanks dear =) hopefully it goes well..

  3. akad nikah dress..? local designer? why not try adnan hassan 🙂
    dulu kedainya kat alam sentral shah alam… now not sure…
    we had our akad nikah dress design there, he’s kindda good. (baju melayu is sedap to pakai but it’s too shiny2 for normal use)

    french lace too transparent? tambah la lining (is that a valid option?)

  4. MQ

    To save budget boleh je hantar your own kain to tailor yg tak bernama ni..yg penting design baju tu ok..unless you want something like gown ke yg normal tailor tak reti nak buat..usually people go for kebaya labuh with sleeve yg flowing, inside maybe pakai corset if tak nak lining french lace tu..for akad nikah dress, baju kurung modern with selendang will make you look demure and virgin-like..hahah..tapi kalau ada sanding lepas akad nikah tu pakai je la baju yg extravagant pon..sapa nak marah kan..

    the rest tu cuma kena make sure the accessories like veil, crown, necklace etc tu match with the outfit, of course la mekap artis pon penting jugak..baju cun pon kalau mekap fail tak guna gak..oh hand bouquet pon kena cun, boleh membantu menaikkan seri dlm gambar n buat ko rasa ala2 princess atas pelamin..hehehe..balance french lace tu buleh guna utk tempah kasut pengantin..

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