I want to buy your time

I wrote this story and translate this story like a year ago. And i decided to post it in my blog. Just a light reading. So, the story goes like this..one night Khairy (programmer in one of a big company in KL) came home late as usual. But that nite is a little different cuz his son, Wildan’s still awake, usually his son have been sleeping and only wake up when he’s goin to work tomorrow morning. Wildan seems like have been waiting for awhile.”Why dont you sleep yet sayang?” asked Khairy as he kissed his son. As he followed his dad to the living hall he answered,” I was waiting for u cuz i want to noe how much u get paid every month?” “How much i get paid?Why? U want some money to buy some toys again?” “No.It’s not that. I just want to noe dad.” “Okay..u do the math urself. I work for 10 hours everyday and i got paid rm400. Every months i worked about 25days. So,how much i get paid for a months? Wildan ran and take his pen and a paper from his study desk. “If u got paid rm400 for 10 hours that means rm40 per hour. “Clever boy! Okay now, go to bed”,said Khairy to his son. But Wildan’s not moving from where his stands. He ask his father,”Dad,can i borrow your rm10 please?””What for? Its getting late now and im exhausted. I wanna have a quick bath and then go to bed,cuz i have to go to work,remember? And u too,go to sleep, tomorrow got school.” “But dad…” said Wildan in a very cute and childish way. Khairy can’t control his patient anymore. “I said go to sleep!! Now!!”,Khairi’s shouted at Wildan and the little boy ran to his room.

While he’s in the bathroom,Khairy have been hunting by guilt. Before he went to bed, he went to his beloved son’s room to take a look at him whether he’s asleep or not. He found that his son is crying and there’s rm10 note in his beautiful little hand. Khairy come close to his son and apologized to him.
“Forgive me sayang.I love you son. But why you want the money in the middle of the night? If you want to buy some toys,u can ask for it tomorrow right? Don’t say rm10,i can give u more than that sayang.” “No,I don’t want your money dad, I just want to borrow it and later if my piggy bank’s have enough money I’ll pay you back,dad.” “Okay…but why? What’s the money for?” Khairy asked him gently.”I waited for you to come back home since 8pm dad. I want you to play scrabble with me. It’s only 30 minutes. Mom always said that your time is so precious,your time is so precious. That’s why I want to buy your time. But, when i opened my piggy bank, I only have rm10.And you said for one hour, you were paid rm40,if half an hour,that means rm20. I only got rm10 and i need another rm10. That’s why i need to borrow your rm10 dad,”said Wildan innocently. Khairy was speechless. He hugged his son real tight….and say “I love you so much..I’m so sorry sayang” tears in his eyes….


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5 responses to “I want to buy your time

  1. soo touching, im loving it.

    but horr….
    it’s started with Khairy (unanimous geek guy working in big co somewhere in KL)
    it ended with Khairi, your boyfriend. i like 100X!! 😀

  2. hahaha..typo error. it’s actually Khairi. But i changed it to Khairy. hehe..
    Nad its not khairi my bf. I wish die tak camtu biler dah anak nnt..

  3. yeah .. really touching ..

  4. so touching..=)
    and really2 sweet..

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