Love is a hardwork

That’s deeper the deep blue sea is
That’s how deep it goes if it’s real
But if u let me love u
It’s for sure im gonna love u ‘all the way’

Huh~…’all the way?’..only fool can say
’till ‘day by day’ we make it deeper by far than any ocean
I am wider than your hold can take
But im yours to stay
Through the days ‘day by day’
You’re making half of my dreams come true
and yet all of it ‘day by day’

All the way to where I am yours
Yes, I am yours to stay
’till u understand how much I love you.

And those mourning roses
I’ve sprinkled with tears
How i’ve traveled to be where you are
How long it is the journey from here
to your star
And if I ever lose you
How much I would cry
“Just how deep is the ocean how high is the sky”
Just how long is the suffering
Yes, “how deep is the ocean how high is the sky”

Before seeing you gets hazy
and a gentle touch turns hard..

**Suddenly feel artistry.. i just love this poetry and it’s about love. 😉

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One response to “Love is a hardwork

  1. Although love really isn’t hardwork. Love is a great feeling and a great opportunity to share with another person. If you have a positive relationship and find someone that stands behind you no matter what that is excellent. Love ourselves first and accept ourselves and then we can love unconditionally.

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