Im bored

I’m bored and while browse some of my favourite blogger (Ninie Ahmad), I found this..

Two names you go by,
1. Fara
2. Sayang *wink*

Two songs you love listening at the moment,
1. Miss Independent by Neyo
2. If I Were A Boy by Beyonce

Two things you are wearing right now,
1. A San Francisco oversize fuschia t-shirt that my friend bought it for me from SF. ( i love it! Thanks Mr. R )
2. My favourite micro mini boxer with cute printing from FOS.
As I’m at home and now its pass my bed time already 😉

Two things that happened this week,
1. I did spent a quality time with my family
2. that i can’t even attend my collegue’s open house in Damansara. (Sorry Miss, I wus at my parents house and my mom is craving for my own home-made dishes.. 😉 )

Two things you did last night,
1. Went to Summit USJ to collect the repaired XBOX
2. Watched Bruce Lee’s movie – Enter The Dragon

Two things you wish more people know about you,
1. That I don’t really enjoy gossiping! (really)
2. and that I don’t really like hate numbers! I just can’t deal with it.. (so please..don’t ever ask me to calculate anything except for my shopping budget..hehe!)

Two things you want in a relationship,
1. Loads of quality time together
2. More and more love

Two of your favourite things to do,
1. Watching movies and series (on DVD)- some of my all time favouries are Little Women, A Walk To Remember, Amores Perros, Entourage, Private Practise and The O.C
2. Cooking my favourite dishes or try out something new . ( and of course splurging, who doesn’t? )

Two things you want badly at the moment,
1. My Bobbi Brown make-up set which I will only get it in December. (Be patient fara..)
2. My favourite handbag from Anya Hindmarch that I’ve been eyeing for the past 2 months.

Two pets you had/have,
1. My Orpheus – Kitten that I once had
2. My Anonymous – Had a Tortoise that I never named him ( and now I just wish that I can name him Xander)

Two things you ate today,
1. Yong Tau Foo for lunch
2. Tosei and Bihun Goreng from Restoran Rahim Cyberjaya for dinner (and now i’m thinking of cook some maggi goreng for supper..hehe)

Two people you last talked to,
1. My brother Ameer
2. And my love Harry

Two things you’ll be doing tomorrow,
1. Meeting some friends from college – helping them to pass resume to HSBC person in charge.
2. Fax invitations letters to some newspapers and magazines company for a charity event

Two places you want to go,
1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Croatia

Two things you want to do before you die,
1. Go to Barca and live life to the fullest
2. Get married ( which I’m about to; 3 months to go) and have a cute chubby smart lil kid. (pair at least, that means 2 maximum)

What are yours? Fuzzy?


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3 responses to “Im bored

  1. missAA

    fara..i love Anya Hindmarch’s handbag too..sgt menarek k!!

  2. hehe..yeker? yup handbag tu sgt cantik!! i want it..maybe next month kot.. tgh tuggu supplier dr US carikan..hehe..

  3. okay now my favourite song is no more neyo or beyonce.

    Its now Sober from Pink and….another song is from Estelle, but i cant remember the title. but very slow raggae 🙂

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