The Weekend

I had a great weekend last week. I hung out with some of the most important person in my life as I
harry and the ambience

harry and the ambience

don’t get to hangs with them for quiet some time. Everyone seems busy with our own stuff. Me and Harry getting married on February ’09 while Izzat and Druk (my eldest close cousin) on April ’09.

fara, druk and izzat

fara, druk and izzat

So you can picture how busy we are during weekends; surveying some stuff for hantaran and things such as pelamin, dulang hantaran, wedding dress, wedding ring etc. Last weekend is one of my happy moments since I got to hang with them and just laying around and lepaking at Madam Kwan’s at Bangsar ; then went shoppping at Bangsar Village. We knew that there’s a BIG DESIGNER SALE going on in Bangsar Village and so we went.– 
I can tell you this is the worst Designer Sale I ever went. There’s load of stuff but most of it are quiet
harry, fara and druk

harry, fara and druk

old stuff and they dont have any accessories. Only clothes, pants, skirts and jacket. I only managed to get 3 clothes. How pathethic! And I’m thinking of letting it go. I made a mistake which is, I didnt  go for      fitting first when i was there. I just see if its S or XS then I grabbed it.

Sad, I cant wear it! Shoot~ I just wish that I tried it first before I purchased. It’s just too damn packed there, that why I didnt try it, I mean all people main tolak-tolak jer..menguji kesabaran betol lah! (alasan yg cukup kukuh kan?,hehe ) Okay I’m goin to make announcement here, to anybody who interested of buying  Calvin Klein t-shirts please do let me know.
CK Long Sleeves

CK Long Sleeves (RM 180) XS


CK Spagetthi Stripe (satin)

CK Spagetthi Stripe satin (RM40) S


CK Feel Free T-shirt (RM50) XS

CK Feel Free T-shirt (RM50) XS

 The CK Long sleeve  and the green spagetthi stripe are my favourite of all. But the thing is it doesn’t fit me well! So, if you’re interested message me A.S.A.P. I don’t know how long i can hold this items, hehe..( i want to get rid of it from eyesight,seriously! cuz its hurts so bad when you have it but you can’t even wear it..whats the point of keeping it? huhuhhu… ( )



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3 responses to “The Weekend

  1. fuzy

    hait u n harry feb 09?
    i tot 20 n 21 feb..
    bia betik????

    izzat n saiful pn nak kawin dah?

  2. FUZY : What i meant is FEB 2009! haiyaaa..
    ha’ah..mereka pon nak kawin dah..hehehe..

  3. fuzy

    tak terpikir pulak..
    my bad..
    pape pn good luck ya

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