** sorry, this entry contains semi over-rated emotional feeling

Everyone dun like to be over-protected right? i’m in a situation right now, a very complicated situation. it’s not about me, but its about my one and only baby sis. How would you feel if one of your sis is hurted by a guy. I dun mean phisycally hurt, but her feeling. I just dun like the way her bf treated her. It’s like she’s the one yg terhegeh-hegeh sgt dgn cinapek tu. As a big sis, i can’t watch my sis mourning over some guy who does not appreciate of her presence in his life at all!! Die igt adik aku ni ape? Anak patung? Puppet? Takder perasaan?

Cakap ngn my sis pon rude! tapi ngn pompuan lain, macam lembut giler babi! I don’t know what have got into my sis. Dah banyak kali i tried to nasihat kan die, but ….. useless! die kate I yg tak paham. I faham, as a girl, I totally understand! Dun get me wrong you guys, i am not judging anyone and im not trying to be judgemental here, but you know, when it comes to men vs women, i just cant see women being trash by men. ( and im not sexist too )

I dun mean to interfere in their relationship. I mean nobody’s perfect right? But, at least one can try and accept each other’s positive and negative side. Thats the point of being in relationship. Masing2 ader kekurangan dan kelebihan masing2. And biler pasangan tu ader kekurangan, jangan la pulak kite merendah2 kan die, tapi kite cube bantu die atau cube bagi semangat pada die. Kadang2 kekurangan tu la yg membuat kan satu2 hubungan tu lebih kuat.

Mungkin semua tgh tak paham ape yg saye sedang tulis ni. Sebab saye pon tak berani nak cerita dengan lebih lanjut pasal orang lain punyer masalah. Masalah nyer skarang, I just cant watch my sis bersedih sbb lelaki yg langsung tak appreciate die, even setitik air mate pon die tak layak dapat!! Haizzz…tapi i tak boleh jgak nak blame mamat tu 100%, sbb i dah byk kali soh my sis break-up ngn die tapi….

Hmm…do u guys have any idea how to convince my sis that this guy that she’s with is not worth it? And i regret 100% for gave her green light when she’s doin her first step on falling in love with this guy. Tgklah ape dah jadi…? I just cant watch her unhappy.


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9 responses to “over-protecting

  1. missAA

    fara..the prob now..actually bukan feruz k..si mamat tu k..i duno whats wrong..die yg dh laen k..dulu mamat tu x lyn pun si feruz ni cmni..but ntahla..die dh jumpe byk org kot mamat tu..tp feruz pun satu gak..haih ntahla..i cant help her ok..cm dh xtau dh nk ckp pe nasehat pe..cm dh xley tlg die k..die kene tlg diri die sendiri..tu je..im so sory bout her ok..masalahnye cm..die just nampak mamat tu sorang je..tp xley salahkan die jugak..she deeply in love with him..haih..ntahla..just hope she doing fine..

  2. MQ

    When it comes to soal hati dan perasaan ni (cewah..) susah la nak paksa org lupakan or dump some bad ass guy..so for now what you can do is to be there for her, support her not blame her and let she comes to her senses one day on her own..she will, trust me, although she has to get through a lot of hurtful situations before she realizes that he’s not the right one for her..

  3. Wanna me to kick his arse? For you i will. Hehehehehe

  4. fuzy

    rghhhh…tq for concern bout me..
    not only u yg 100% regret…aku pn..
    his breaking my heart in two..
    ahh..dun worry bout me…

  5. thanks for the advises guys!..and sani, please do kick arse, when i say so..hehe..
    u standby jer eh? hehe.. from now on, i will let her think for heself, and let her realize it herself. =) i have to chill out.

  6. the bf sure dah jumpa orang lain tu.. the only way, siasat dgn siapa.. get some pictures of them.. check his sms, email, phone bills, then show to your sis. give her REAL reason to hate him. lelaki dia tak akan hormat pompuan seperti dulu bila 1. dia dah dapat apa yg dia nak, one night stand 2. bila dia dah ada yang baru. slowly korek rahsia dgn member2 dia.. sure terbongkar. good luck!

  7. fuzy

    hihihi..memang dh terbongkar..i noe everything…tq btw.

  8. yasmin shaharil

    to fuzy:

    as the time passes by, i know you’ll be fine..
    remember what i have always been telling you..
    there’s no point of cryin over someone who doesn’t appreciate you..
    there’s no point of thinkin about him too..
    friends n family r always with you..we all love you.
    dun worry, it heals as it hurts..
    deep inside, i knw one day u’ll find someone who deserves u right..
    just be patient and stay strong, alrite..
    life is larger than what we think it is..n still..miles to go syg..
    just enjoy ur life cuz we r living on borrowed time.


    to farah:

    min rasa u better carikan fuzy keje..so that dia takde la duduk rumah je melayan perasaan n fkir yg bukan2..heee

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