All The Way From Indiana

Can you guess what is it? Something from Indiana,US? It’s nothing to brag actually about US products. But there is one thing that makes me interested with this product. Okay, okay, it’s actually a Pizza product. Im sure most of you guys have heard of or eaten at  Papa John’s Pizza.

Papa John's

Papa John's Nothing special about this pizza. The taste is much same with others but this one is a bit spicy. And the chicken wings also nice, similar like the spicy chicken wings from Pizza Hut( and fyi, they also have Deli chicken wings). The thin crust pizza can never beat Domino's thin crust, that's for sure!Thin crust pizza

the spicy chicken wings

the spicy chicken wings

But that is not why I’m so eager to blog about this pizza. Actually what makes me so happy (tears in the eyes) is because PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA do delivery at Puchong area and to make it even more better, in BANDAR NUSAPUTRA!! Ya-beda-bedoooooooooo!!!! hehe..

it's time to call papa!

it's time to call papa!


That’s a good news to Nusaputra residents isn’t it? Even McD don’t do delivery to Nusaputra. So, you know what number to dial if you feel starving and lazy to cook rite? 03-8070-7272 =)  I think Nando’s also can deliver to Bandar Nusaputra. Cuz it does deliver to my office in Cyberjaya, but must be above RM30 in one receipt. I wanna give it a try later… see how it goes and i’ll let you know.


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3 responses to “All The Way From Indiana

  1. MQ

    seriously dorang deliver??was telling Hubby lepas ni pindah tak de harapan la if malas or in my case tak sempat masak buleh suh deliver kalau nandos pon deliver, teramat la bagus..siap duit je la byk2..hahhaa..

  2. Saniboey : I takdelah cakap sedap sgt. Tapi highlight nya dekat sini ialah PAPA JOHN’S ni deliver to my house. Kawasan perumahan yg baru. Sebab tu la i excited! hehehe… Rase pizza ni ok-ok jela, tak byk beza dgn pizza2 lain.

    MQ : YES seriously diorang hantar. Diorang kate diorang penah buat delivery kat Nusaputra Precint 1. Best kan? Seronok giler bile dgr dorang ckp camtu. Tapi Nandos ni belum betul2 pasti lagi. Nak kene tanye betol2. Tapi kat Cuberjaya diorang deliver tau. Above RM30.

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