It’s so hard to say goodbye



As I’m writing this entry while listening to this song by Boyz2Men, It’s Hard To Say Goodbye and having some some brewed coffee.Well as most of you know that I’ve been diagnosed pregnant last 3 weeks. I was 6 weeks pregnant on 2nd June 2009. Khairi and I were thrilled and excited to be a young parents. But the excitement doesnt seems to be long as on 20th June, when we decided to go for our first monthly check at the hospital, there was no more baby. Of course i wus sad at that moment. Devastated to be precise. I really wanted this baby, I mean really WANTS this baby. But unfortunately….

the baby is no more in my tummy

the baby is no more in my tummy

We were not satisfied with the first Dr. we went to (cuz this doc is sooooo ‘kerek’! and her social skill with patient is pathetic!). Then we went to another Dr. for second opinion (this Dr. is very good! We like the way he giving advises and the way he consult us…mcm ni baru lah betul Dr. namenya!) – fyi, Both are in Columbia Asia Medical Centre –
After we went for second opinion, then only we totally believe that the baby is no longer in my tummy. The Dr. said, this is normal for newly wed couple for having their first child. This is called “the undetected misscarriage” cuz i got no bleeding or spotting or any signs of misscarriage. I might have lose the baby when I’m in week 4th or 3rd. Who knew? Because I only knew that I’m pregnant at week 6 only by doin the lab test at the panel clinic. And yes, eventhough i had misscarriage, i still have all the pregnancy symptoms like dizzy, pain at certain area, eating like a pig, craving and i just started puke. And that’s because the pregnancy hormone is still in my body beccause the placenta is still inside my tummy. It will only dissapear after i do the D&C procedure.

So, i went for the D&C last Friday. Alhamdulillah all went well, and now just resting at home and ‘pantang’ for 44days. 😦

right after the surgery

right after the surgery

still in hibernating mode

still in hibernating mode

I got something from my sister upon my pregnancy.  She was so excited about me being pregnant and she bought me this book..
Eat Right For Your Baby

Eat Right For Your Baby


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6 responses to “It’s so hard to say goodbye

  1. God bless and take care~ *hugs*

  2. aira

    hey fara, i didnt know about ru holding up?
    im so sorry for you girl.u take good care of urself ok.

    dont worry, u still young, there is more chance for u okies.xoxo!

  3. dear kak farah,
    take care yourself,sis..


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