When Swine Flu Attacks And You Are Forced To Be Quarantined

Last few weeks, me and Khairy has been advised by the Health Ministry Department to quarantined oursleves until 14th July 2009 due to Khairy is suspected with this virus and then when the result’s out , he’s positive. But no worries, Khairy is better now after being quarantine at the hospital for 2 days, and continue another 5 days quarantined at home .

This started when he had a dinner with his team mate on Friday the 3rd. They went dinner at TGIF ioi Mall. (And obviously I wasn’t invited, haha~)  He had dinner and then came home safely at 10pm. And nothing happen yet. And then on Saturday morning, he said that he feels like ‘tak sedap badan’ and coughing. And I told him maybe because you smoke too much. On that Saturday morning we have to go to my cousin’s wedding at KL and then went for some shopping. Later on Sunday, we have to attend for the reception for guy’s side in Shah Alam where Khairy started to feel like having a fever and his coughing getting worse. The wedding ended at 4pm and he said to me that he wanted to go to the clinic.

We went to clinic near our house. After the doctor examined him, he said nothing is wrong, maybe he just allergic to some food and ask him to take some rest and give him MC for Monday. ( i was like , WHAT?? ALLERGIC?? Khairy doest have any allergic to foods… how come? i hate this clinic. Doctors should have more concern about flu and fever especially time like this where there so many viruses are spreading. But all this doctor did was he gave so many medicine and the charged was quite expensive because of the medicine which i thought not really needed, i mean this got nothing to do with the allergic to foods. Luckily I got the ING card -one of my company benefits-)

On monday morning he texted his manager saying that he’s going to be on MC. (and I was also still on my MC) And the reply was ..

” Wow, so many people MC today, including me. Well, take care”

Weird. And then  we found out that only 3 staff out of 14 who worked on that day. 1 working from home and 2 in the office.  So, on Monday morning we’re just at home take some rest and just hibernating until one moment his phone rang. And the call was from his Manager telling that one of his colleague has been admitted to Sg. Buloh Hospital because he’s tested positive Influenza A (H1N1) and people who had contacting with him in duration of 48hours are advised to take the H1N1 test at any government hospital.

For a second we were shocked. Is this for real? OMG!! what would happen next? Is he going to die or suffer? And since I have direct contact with him, am I going to die too? How about all the people that we met at the wedding? Will they be affected too??? My mom, my sister, my brother, my dad, my aunties and uncles, all my cousins, all the guests?Are we the one to be blamed??

We went to Serdang Hospital for the test. Most of his collegues were there to take the test.

waiting for the test

waiting for the test


 the serdang hospital ambulance

the serdang hospital ambulance

waiting for the test

waiting for the test

After the waiting ( almost 3 hours) the nurse gave them Tamiflu pills for 2 days supplement and have to be quarantined at home for 2 days until the result is out. They will call you if you are positive and will send an ambulance to pick you up at your house and send you to Sungai Buloh Hospital (where all the H1N1 patients are treated). 2 days later, he got a call from the hospital telling him to pack up his stuff and get ready to pick up by the ambulance in  1 hour.  ( time ni mmg terkejut gile! nak dinner same2 pon tak sempat. mase Khairy nak naik ambulance tu lagi la sedih! 😦 . Yelah takut la jugak ape2 jadi kan? Dah lah kene kuarantin sorang2 kat rumah selama Khairy kene kuarantin kat hospital.) But luckily he got quarantined only for 2 days and then continue at home for 5 days.
Tamiflu - Twice a day

Tamiflu - Twice a day

So nothing much to do when you’re qurantined. WatchingTV/DVD+cleaning+tidying+cook+eat+cook+eat+sleep+sleep+cook+eat+eat+sleep Make us both even fatter!  LOL! Thanks God he’s okay nothing serious happen. And I’m not affected even by being his closest direct contact. Alhamdulillah~
I know there’s so many people out there who didn’t know what exactly Influenza A (H1N1) is, right? But this virus is VERY easy to spread, even with just talking to the person who is positive with this virus, the possibility for YOU to get it is VERY HIGH! U CAN GET AFFECTED! So be very careful when you going to shopping mall, buying groceries or watching movie at the cinema.

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