When All The Good Plans Has Been Cancel On One Nice Saturday

We supposed to go for berbuka with some of our friends today and do some shopping for Hari Raya. Unfortunately for us, Khairy got a call from his boss. Which means he has to work from home. Actually today he won’t be working, that’s I planned so many nice things today, because he has to work on Sunday from 7am-2pm. And awhile later after Khairy got call from his boss, i got a call from my deraest friend, saying that she couldn’t make it for berbuka event with a concrete reason. So there goes my Saturday, all plans are buried, with just 2 calls.

Suddenly, I feel like I wanted to cook something. Something speacial for Khairy and me. hihi…

Guess what I’m gonna cook ??



raw chicken

raw chicken

Guess what..guess what…

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