Current Reality Vs Dreams

I have dreams. Big dreams. Dreams that people might think I’m crazy to even dream about it.  But who cares? Dreaming is free. I strongly believe in my dreams. Some of it have came through. Some of it are still in the process of making it come through. And some are still way too far for me to even reach it. But, to hell lah, who cares! Dreaming is free! You guys have your own dreams too right?

I came across this topic because recently I was invited by a good friend to this talk at Tropicana. The speaker is a very inspirational, motivational, outspoken, straight-to-the-point, respected and very rich! I tell you he maybe owned half of the properties in Penang. And his income can reach more than 5M per annum? This man is crazy! His name is Mr. Chan Chin Hin. I don’t know if you guys ever heard of his name or not. But one thing I know about this man, he will do whatever it takes to grab any opportunities that can lead him to make his dream come through.

the Talk

the Talk

I am very inspired by his talk. I felt like there are some similarities between me and him which is ‘nak duit banyak, nak beli barang2 luxury, nak ade luxury lifestyle’ hehehe…

25 years back, he is nothing. His wages is only 1.4k with an oversea degree. (in UK) During his study time, he used to do a part-time job. 8 hours of classes, 8-10 hours doing part-time job.  You wanna guess what kind of part time job he did? Let me tell you lah. Okay, those days, where does the regular chinese man work in UK? Any guess? The answer is, the back of a fancy  Chinese Restaurant kitchen lah! Doing the dirty job!

He always looked at the people who came and dine in the restaurant and spend about 400 pound sterling in one night! Masa tu dia memang hangin gila ngn mat saleh2 kat sana. Dia keje susah payah cuci pinggan, mop lantai, basuh periuk, etc, dapat duit gaji dalam 200 pound jer sebulan. Punyalah susah nak cari duit. Tapi mat saleh2 ni datang makan sekali 400 pound sterling selamba je! 400 pound sterling equivilant to what? 2 months of his paycheck?  Crazy lah this people!

After like 2-3 years in UK , he can wear a brand new Giorgio Armani pants which is worth RM700! He bought it with his part-time job salary. And at that that time his dad can’t afford to buy him those kind of luxury. And that’s why he worked hard to earn money and buy stuff that he desired. He said again, that his fetish towards luxury lifestyle has bring him to where he is now and to be where he is right now, you have to have a crazy dream! (i am loco! i admit) . And starting from that moment, he worked really hard but in a smart way to achieve his dreams.

He asked all of us to draw a line on a white plain paper. And write down what is your current reality and what is your dreams. Like this :

Current reality Vs Dreams

Current reality Vs Dreams

** That is some of my dreams. I know it’s really crazy. But yeah, dreaming is FREE, so what? You also can do this at home.

According to Mr.Chan Chin Hin, by doing this you can see how far between your current reality and your dreams and that you will work hard to achieve your dreams by any chance! And according to him again, only crazy people will dreams for crazy things. 

There are 2 important portion of his success are HARDWORK and HAVE NO FEAR. This is based on his personal experienced. And now, after 25 years working hard, he can enjoy life. He’s only in his 40’s. And he have like more than 4 luxury cars including THE Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, adn banyak lagi lah! Properties die pulak usah cerita la..belambak2, seluruh dunia ada. He’s living his life luxury and extremely happy with his wife and 3 kids.

Now who says money can’t buy happiness eh?


Do you know?? –> That the most expensive chocolate can cost you about $2600 per pound? The Five Most Expensive Chocolate In The World. Boleh ke kita rasa coklat termahal ni ye? LU PIKIR LA SENDIRI!!


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3 responses to “Current Reality Vs Dreams

  1. i like this post!!!
    when the dreams will come true ya..owh!

  2. i like this post!
    when the dreams will come true ya..owh!

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