Amores Perros

Amores Perros [ Love’s A Bitch ]

 Another movie in my favorite list.

Starring Gael Garcia Bernal ( Y Tu Mama Tambien )


Amores Perros




Carlos: Pedro, would you be capable of waiting for someone?
Pedro: I am waiting…
Carlos: Seriously, could you wait for a woman for very long time?
Pedro: I’m not exactly famous for being patient with the opposite sex. How long?
Carlos: 15 years.
Pedro: 15 years?! I thought you mean half an hour, 20 minutes! No woman deserves that long





El Chivo: So how shall we call my dog?
Luis Miranda Solares: I don’t know, LostDog?
El Chivo: [sarcastically] You have a good imagination, you must be in advertisement!





Carlos: I don’t know what I did to her treat me so bad.
Pedro: Nothing! You just dumped her for the guy you played soccer with on Tuesday nights. What a better reason than that?
Carlos: This things happen…
Pedro: Sure they do. But usually guys play a game with their friends, talk a load of nonsense and then go home smelling of beer. That’s not exactly what happened to you





Ramiro: Did you find everything you needed?
Octavio: I am just missing some condoms. I didn’t find my size




Daniel: I’ll be back around two, okay, hon?
Valeria: If you never come back it’s okay too, bastard.


Amores Perros


It’s a really nice one ( no kidding! )

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4 responses to “Amores Perros

  1. cikcoach

    oh my,
    mcm best je.
    wow.. thanx babe! 😀

  2. Paragraph Film Reviews

    Fantastic film, this made our “best of the decade list”!!!

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