Half Nelson

Ladies & gentleman, introducing …

Half Nelson


Half Nelson. One of my favourite movie. 


Favourite quotes from this movie: 


Isabel: Are you a communist?
Dan: What?
Isabel: I was looking through your books. Che in Africa?
Dan: So?
Isabel: The Communist Manifesto?
Dan: If I had a copy of Mein Kampf, would that make me a Nazi?
Isabel: [Eating leftover dinner] You know, this is really good. Very tasty.
Dan: You should try it warm.
Isabel: Well, you don’t have a copy of Mein Kampf, but if you did, then yes, I’d ask if you were a Nazi.
Dan: Maybe I’m hiding it.
Isabel: Why would you hide it?
Dan: ‘Cause it’s just not cool to be a Nazi anymore, baby. 




Dan: Who might say that Aristotle’s wrong, right? But that doesn’t make any sense; these things need each other. The idea that… that all God’s creations are perfect, perfect – so just to suggest that – that a tree it’s – it’s crooked and it’s straight… it’s strong and it’s weak… is to suggest that – that God created something imperfect. They do however acknowledge it in people; we are sinners but we can strive to be good just not in nature itself I guess.





Dan: I used to be so fucked. I used to be so fucked up. I was just out there. You know? But I fucking cleaned up. I cleaned up,
[snorts a line of cocaine]
Dan: For the most part. I do it now to get by, but I can handle it. You know what I mean? I tried the rehab thing. I tried it. But it didn’t work, Didn’t work. It works for some people. My ex girlfriend is getting married. That’s how it works for some people. Right? Didn’t work for me. The kids keep me focused. And I…

With Ryan Gosling as Dan, what more could you ask for a good movie?
I really (times 10) this movie. I can watch it over and over again with enthusiasm. I’m cursed by Half Nelson which I happen to like it..and I don’t mind.

a scene from Half Nelson


For synopsis and more info you can click here: 


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