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The Best Make-Up Brand You Ever Had

“There is none.
For instance, you said “I know it’s probably MAC”. But I happen to HATE that brand as I find that their products work the same for me as other drug store products, and their foundations are not for my skin.

The best brand is the one that YOU like. If that happens to be CoverGirl, then that’s YOUR “best brand”. If you like the brand Make Up For Ever the most, then it’s that one. Nothing is ever going to work the same for everyone.

But even then, there really isn’t a best brand for individuals. I have never bought products solely from one brand, because as a consumer it would be pretty stupid to only choose from one brand. Go to a drug store and swatch products on the back of your hand to see which ones apply nicely. If the shadow you try is chalky, move on to another. If the liner goes on weird, try something else. It’s all about trial and error, regardless of the price or the brand name. I’ve seen plenty of reviews for 40 dollar shadows that get slammed for how chalky they are and terrible reviews for lip sticks that just don’t work. So really, price doesn’t matter, how it WORKS is what you should concern yourself. Ignore the names or the price, try the product out and if you like it buy it if it happens to be in your price range.

“In all reality, you will get what you pay for. if you opt for bargain brands (such as covergirl, maybelline, etc) be prepared for reapplication. These brands work fine, they’re just not as long lasting as say MAC and NARS might be.”

In my 4 or so years of experience with makeup, this is not true. I’ve used MAC shadows, I’ve used LORAC, I’ve used Maybelline and I’ve used CoverGirl. I’ve had expensive shadows that just don’t deliver very well, and my 7 dollar shadows last the same amount of time as my expensive shadows. I’ve actually had worse experiences with MAC than with every drug store product I’ve tried. As I said, it’s NOT the price or the brand, it’s the quality itself. Wearing my L’Oreal and Maybelline shadows, and my 6 dollar mascara and liner, my makeup lasts from 7AM to 3AM the next day. It’s all about how you USE the products. With my oily lids, the price of the product doesn’t matter, the products would still crease. So, all I had to do was find the proper primer method for me.

So, my suggestion is don’t be a makeup snob. Be willing to check out drug store brands and be open to higher end brands. Just remember that with high end brands, you will sometimes be paying mostly for the BRAND, and not the product, and that regardless of price point there will ALWAYS be duds. I’ve found very few drug store duds however, other than stumbling across a chalky shadow or two.”

[Article from The Greatest Make-Up Brand]

Let me leave you all with this…

FYI this equal to 2000USD

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Running In Heels In The Heart Of A City

I had fun yesterday. I took a leave just to go to this event. i was invited by a friend of mine to Malaysian International Fashion Week at Pavillion KL to support Lynda Rahim. I went with 2 of my besties. And actually it was my first time ever going out and have fun with the girls after getting hitch. I never go out without my husband. We’re like magnets! But since he can’t take leave on that day and plus he got futsal session after work, so I decided to invite my friend to come with me and have a girls day out! It was extremely fun!!

the main sponsor representative, the minister and the chairman of MIFW

the main sponsor representative, the minister and the chairman of MIFW


It's Andrea Fonseka baby!


Recognize her? She's Jaslene Gonzales the winner of America's Next Top Model cycle 8. Gorgeous! Too bad I didn't get a chance to meet her backstage.


this one by Lynda Rahim. It's beautiful!


by Amir Luqman


i love this look! this is by PU3


by Oscar


y so many picture of her? cuz she's my favourite one other than Jaslene =) Tini, the Malaysian model. And this one is by Jimmy Lim


this one is hot!


It's Jaslene again with one of the rising star. Damn, it should be me walking side by side..hehe


Lynda Rahim with her creations. With Erra Fazira & Rozita


Stunning kan?? my jaw dropped when this model is on runway! cantik betul ciptaan Tuhan


by Lynda Rahim


That's Alisha. Erra Fazira's precious one.


Another shot of her. She's damn cute!


One of my favourite! But i forgot who the designer is.. 😛

Amir Luqman with hot mummy Nora Danish , her sister Nadia Danish and Intan Ladyana in his own collection

Amir Luqman with hot mummy Nora Danish, her sister Nadia Danish and Intan Ladyana in Amir Luqman's Collection

Enough of models and celebrity photos. Let’s watch us in action!



With Lynda Rahim after her slot


I love this girl so much!


And this girl too!



don't hate us


before heading to Pavillion




say cheeseee!




Camelia Khalid 😛






Posing with the models!


with Cristian Capes from Head & Shoulder commercial model, What Women Want (8TV) and The Winner of Cleo Bachelor 2007 😀


2 babes, a hunk and pizza place! :p


Ali & Alia... sweet!



So yeah there goes my day, overall it was hella fun! One of my happy moments that i’ll never forget!  I hope we can repeat it again some other time.  =)
p/s. congrats to Kak Lynda! your designs area all stunning! And good luck in your career. Im happy because both of my wedding dress designer is particpating in MIFW. Lynda Rahim & Amir Luqman… AWESOME!


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All I Want Is A Pair Of A Killer Leg

Just look at these legsssss…

man legs

man legs

angelina jolie

angelina jolie

Jolie at Cannes

Jolie at Cannes

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

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Favourite Supermodel

Hey there! I just wanna share an opinion about my favourite supermodel 😉 I adore Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn. Not to mention Adriana Lima, Gisselle and Mischa Barton. But Mischa is not really a supermodel. She’s an actress but she do modelling as well. I just love their style, their perfect skinny body, and everything little thing about them.

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

Gisselle Bundchen

Gisselle Bundchen


Gisselle Bundchen

Gisselle Bundchen

Gisselle Bundchen

Gisselle BundchenKate MossKate MossKate Moss


Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Let me know what u think. Which supermodel is your favourite?


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LUXURY Clearance SALE!!!

Hey! I’m back with some good news! For anyone who needs a new designer handbags, shoes or sandals , or a wallet, this is the best time for you to shop. Here’s some details about the event. Don’t miss out this chance ladies! I’m definetely goin on saturday after i’m done with the PS3 purchasing 😉 Can’t wait! By the way you can visit this website for more info
p/s : To Lan : bawakla fazelina pegi sini. sure she’ll love it.


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The Perfume

 Have you guys watch this movie called Perfume : Story of a Murderer?? well, i’ve watched it and it’s not bad. I’d give 3 stars out of 5.Dirty, psycho-maniac guy who obsess about perfume and how powerful perfume can be. Actually I’m not gonna talk about about this movie. I’m talking about real perfume. My friend selling an original perfume for a very cheap price comparing to the one at perfume counter in any outlets. I’m sure you guys have heard about factory outlet sale. Same with the perfume that my friend’s selling. It’s original perfume the only thing it comes with no box only a the bottle and a pouch. Last time I bought Esteé Lauder Pleasure perfumes for my sister and guess how much it cost me? Only RM150 for 50ml. The actual price selling at counter is about RM200 as for the 100ml bottle I can get at RM190 only while the price they selling at the counter is RM265! You see how much money you can save? It’s a lot you know? We’re trying to be a smart consumer nowadays right? Now is the time 😉 . So, if any of you have thoughts on buying a perfume, you can always turn to me. Just let me know what perfume would you like to have.Here are some of the price list for some perfume :


Paris Hilton perfume by Paris Hilton  :

RM170, 50ml  and  RM200, 100ml

 counter selling price :

                                 RM201, 50ml  and  RM280, 100ml 




CK Euphoria Blossom for women :   RM160, 50ml  and  RM220, 100ml
  CounRM 236, 50ml  and  RM313, 100ml



       J’adore by Dior  :

        RM160, 50ml   and   RM200, 100ml   

       Counter selling price :



And whole lot more. Just give me your list and i’ll find out for you whether she have it or not.  😉


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Good news for Estee Lauder lover!

Estee Lauder The Blockbuster Color Collection

It would be nice if you buy yourself a gift for hari raya, tee-hee! Treat yourself 😉 Well, im not gonna buy it cuz i’m more to Bobbi Brown. But hey, if you’re an Estee Lauder lover, don’t miss out this chance.Go grab it before it’s too late girls! and guys, maybe you can buy it and give it to your wife, or gf or your mother, it’s worth every penny when you see them smiling receiving a gift from you on hari raya instead of duit raya! 😉

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