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The Night Where Santa’s Hiding From Us

I’ve always like Christmas. New Year & Christmas is my most favourite holiday. Because it falls on December. December for me is month of holiday-ing, vacation-ing, exciting, lazy-ing.. etc,etc. And I love exchanging presents & decorating the tree on Christmas. That’s the most exciting part of Christmas  =) [but that doesn’t mean i don’t like celebrating Raya… it’s just that, Raya is too much pressure…hehe. But i like fasting month though..]

We did went out on Christmas Eve. My friend Janice has made reservation for 6 at Skybar, Traders Hotel. Since me & Khairy doesn’t have any plan for that very night, so we decided to join them to experience the magnificent view of KL lights from the top of Traders Hotel. We were there from 830pm until 100am.. Chit chatting and cam-whoring and bon-appetite [oh the Buffalo Wings was really yummy! You should try it if you come here]

all taken

i see you..

* broadband buat perangai. i will upload more photos later.



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