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‘My Top 5 Treat List’

I know Christmas is not for me. But I just love the feeling of Christmas. Christmas & New Year is my most favourite holiday in the year! And I know this is too early for Christmas wishlist, but this is an advantage for YOU to prepare the present for me.. 😛 right, right?

I want……

1. A trip to any place for year-end holiday [tis is excluding PD,Genting,Cameron or Malacca but Redang or Tioman boleh!]  Kota Kinabalu, or Koh Samui, or Cabo or maybe Sarajevo!  – because I deserve it!


Cabo in Mexico

2.  Sunglasses [these 3 particular one] – I need a new one to add in my collection. I need something that I can rely on when driving, on the beach, vacation, etc.





Aviator from Marc Jacob



3. 32GB iPhone 3Gs – because my husband is using iPhone. So I think I should too 😉

iPhone 3Gs

Digital Camera -because I don’t have a camera right now but im passionate about capturing every moments. It would be great if I can have this Olympus E P1 camera.

Olympus E P1

4. French Louis dressing table – because currently I don’t have any dressing table. I just use the mirror in the toilet or using mirror in my car. And that’s just not right. I need a proper place to dress up and looks pretty. Hehe..
dressi tb

french louis in black


french louis in white

5. Dell Inspirion 13 in Red – why Dell Inspiron? because first, currently I don’t have any laptop anymore. I gave up my first laptop which was given by my Mom to my baby brother for his study. So yeah, I really need one for myself. [you see how sweet I am? giving my own precious laptop to my baby brother so he could do his assignments and could graduate with flying colors!] and secondly because i like the colors. It’s just like candy!

Dell Inspiron 13 in Red

So there goes my early Christmas wishlist.

And this candy baby could be yours too, if you blog about it!

1 .Write a blog post titled ‘My Top 5 Treat List’ and share with us what you’d like to treat yourself.

2. Share with us why the Dell Inspiron 13 should belong in your Top 5 Treat List.

3. Send in an email to along with your name, email address and a permalink of the blog post. If  your blog entry ranks among the three most creative, you’ll be the proud owner of an Inspiron 13 very soon!

Also! You can reward your blog readers by giving them a special coupon code from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!

Here you go : 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3

U can click HERE for more info. Happy Holiday In Advance! hehe

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Color Me With Colors!


Don’t you wish you can have all these?


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Finally PS3 officially launch in Malaysia – Part 2

This is the latest info that i got from email sent by Sony Happening :

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Finally PS3 officially launch in Malaysia

Good news for all PS3 fans out there. I just got an email from SONY, it says PS3 will officially launch in Malaysia this month.

When : September 20th, 2008 (Saturday)

Where : 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Main entrance, Ground Floor (new wing)

Time : 11.30 AM

The great thing about this launching is that the first 3 people in the line to buy a Sony PS3 on the day of the launch will get a RM1000 cash voucher that can be used for their next Sony product purchase.
4th – 20th – RM500 cash voucher
21st – 50th – RM300 cash voucher
51st – 100th – RM150 cash voucher

I’m sure you all wondering how much is the official price for PS3. It’s only RM1699 RM1799, reasonable enough for this elegant design console with cool graphic. It’s not just a next-gen game console, it’s also a high definition movie machine. The price includes :

1x 80GB Sony PlayStation 3 Console
1x Soul Calibur IV
1x PS3 Game (selected titles)
1 year warranty

RM1699 RM1799 is a very good deal. Why I said so? Now ‘Sungai Wang type’ they offer a console with a 40GB HDD with only Rm1300, not included with PS3 original game and of course the warranty isn’t from Malaysia because it depends on where the supplier got the console from. It could be from Japan, USA, China or Singapore. So, it will be uneasy for you to claim the warranty if anything happen to your console.

In the event of PS3 official launch, SONY Malaysia will be holding 2 competitions. A Sony 24hour gaming marathon and a Sony Game Girl Competition. You could stand a chance to win some cool prizes. For Sony 24hour gaming marathon a Sony BRAVIA TV, a Sony PlayStation 3and loads of Sony goodes to be won. Interested participants must register online at Sony Malaysia’s website before 18th September 2008 and must be above 18 years old to take part. As for the Sony Game Girl Competition you could win yourself a trip to Hong Kong! Register before 10th September 2008 and on the day of the event, showcase your talents to the crowd and you may represent Malaysia for the Asia Game Show 2008 and win a PS3!

Sony Game Girl Competition

Champion – 3D2N flight & accommodation to Hong Kong to represent Malaysia in the Asia Game Show (AGS) + 1 unit of PS3
1st runner up – 1 unit of PS3
2nd runner up – 1 unit of PSP
Consolation – Lots of Sony goodies to be won!

So, hurry up and grab it on the 20th Sept ’08 at 1 Utama and maybe you could be the lucky winner for the RM 1000 cash voucher. Who knows? I’m definitely going to this official launch. I’m getting a Sony PS3 for Harry (*wink*wink). He’s been wanting it for years. Can’t wait for 20th Sept and see the big smile on his face..teehee 😉 And oh, if you don’t want to queue up you can always make your pre-order from Sony Malaysia website and you’ll get a Limited Edition PS3 bag and a Soul Calibur IV CD holder. And if you think you’re good enough in playing games don’t forget to participate in the competition. This is the first Sony official game competition in Malaysia, don’t miss out this opportunity. Well, have fun shopping you guys! It’s worth it. Definitely worth it!


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