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New home again

my previous blog link is now closed due to the bloghost expiration and i don’t have any intention to renew it. here’s the link to my new home.


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I Have Moved

Carpe Diem! – If it not now, when?

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It’s About Time To Move Into My New ‘Home’

Hey, I did not realize it till today that I started FarahRahman.wordpress like nearly 2 years ago. August 2008 to be exact. Time flies huh? I love this home very mucho. So many memories I have with her. But I need to move on to the new phase. I will update more in my new home.

My new so-called-new-home is still under construction. I hope it can be ready soon.No more updates in FarahRahman blog. My new home address is Carpe Diem!. So feel free to visit my new home. And i hope you’ll enjoy your stay there.. 🙂  Cya there!

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Oh Alice Where Art Thou?

Alice In Wonderland. I love Alice In Wonderland, since i was a kid. I like all the how all the characters look like. Their facial make-up, the costumes, their stuff and everything about it!

Lets watch it in 3D everyone!

I’ll write more on it after I watch it. 🙂

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Love Is Blind, Marriage Is The Eye Opener..

I was born on 20th February 1986. And I was sacredly married on 20th February 2009… What a joy! I love each moment when I’m with him. I’m blessed! Thank you Allah for giving me the most precious ‘diamond’ a girl could have.

To my dear precious ‘diamond’.. Happy First Wedding Anniversary. May we’ll have more anniversary to come! I love you now, always and forever, ever!


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I’m Not Asking That Much, Just A Tiny Little Wish On My Birthday

Kalau lah dapat this coffee table book ni kan best! Alangkah indahnya!

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I Love Him But He’s Too Handsome For me…

[ This is future? Bwaahahahahahahahah!! yes, Rdiculous is my middle name! ]


[ This is now….Bwahahah! ]

What do you think of him? Handsome sangat kan? Jawdropper tu!  Ini baru tunjuk muka die, belum badan die lagi… Daymn!


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This morning i got a call from my mom. Sounds like this..

Mama : Kakak, bile lagi nak dapat baby? [ my mom call me Kakak  🙂 ]

Me :  [aik? kenape tibe2 je ni? ] Alaaa…tuggu lah ma, takde rezeki lagi.

Mama : Yelah…tapi bile? Mama dah tak saba dah ni. Bulan 6 mama dah retire, bosan lah kalau dok umh tak buat ape2. Mama nak jage cucu…

Me : [adui hai..]  InsyaAllah kalau ade rezeki tahun ni ade lah..kakak pon nk baby jugak..ingat akak tak nak ke?

Mama : Berusaha lah lebih sikit. Air yg abah bagi *ari tu dah minum dah?

Me : [hhmmm…actually i belum minum but i ckp..] Dah minum dah.

Mama : Anak aunty Y nak buat aqiqah utk anak die minggu ni. Dah masuk dua bulan dah pon anak die.

Me: Owh..okay. Good for them. Mama pegi ke?

Mama : Pegi lah kot. Dah dijemput.

Me : Mama ingat lagi tak Kak A? Adik abang R?

Mama : Ingat, kenape?

Me : Kak A pon dah dpat baby. 14 Feb ni buat aqiqah jugak. Name baby die Ryan.

Mama : Owh yeke?? Mama tak tau pon? Mesti comel kan baby die? Nape name baby tu camtu? Kakak nanti jangan dok bagi name camtu. Bagi name elok2 sikit na?

Me : Ha’ah…comel sgt2! Alaaa.. name sebenar baby tu Rayyan, tapi panggil Ryan. Akak nnt nak bagi name anak  __________ kalau lelaki. Kalau baby girl tak tau lagi..

Mama : Iskh..ape pelik sgt? Takde name lain dah ke? Bagilah name Siti Qadija ke..kan sedap tu name tu..

Me : Alaaa..mama ni, cukup2 lah bagi name kat anak-anak mama yg tiga orang ni. Anak kakak, biarlah kakak dapat privilege bagi name pulak. Penat2 + sakit2 lahirkan baby tu..

Mama : [ Laugh Out Loud! ] Yelah-yelah…kakak bagi lah name ape akak nak..*gigling*  Tapi nanti mama panggil die Siti Qadijaaaaaaa.. [dengan gaye seorang nenek main2 ngn cucu..]

Me : [MOTIF???]  Iskh mama nih….


*Air tu adalah air Tasik Dayang Bunting dari Langkawi.  Patut ke minum? I mean, i don’t believe in such thing. But i drink air zam zam yang parents in law bawa dari Mekah.  Hm…..


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The Best Make-Up Brand You Ever Had

“There is none.
For instance, you said “I know it’s probably MAC”. But I happen to HATE that brand as I find that their products work the same for me as other drug store products, and their foundations are not for my skin.

The best brand is the one that YOU like. If that happens to be CoverGirl, then that’s YOUR “best brand”. If you like the brand Make Up For Ever the most, then it’s that one. Nothing is ever going to work the same for everyone.

But even then, there really isn’t a best brand for individuals. I have never bought products solely from one brand, because as a consumer it would be pretty stupid to only choose from one brand. Go to a drug store and swatch products on the back of your hand to see which ones apply nicely. If the shadow you try is chalky, move on to another. If the liner goes on weird, try something else. It’s all about trial and error, regardless of the price or the brand name. I’ve seen plenty of reviews for 40 dollar shadows that get slammed for how chalky they are and terrible reviews for lip sticks that just don’t work. So really, price doesn’t matter, how it WORKS is what you should concern yourself. Ignore the names or the price, try the product out and if you like it buy it if it happens to be in your price range.

“In all reality, you will get what you pay for. if you opt for bargain brands (such as covergirl, maybelline, etc) be prepared for reapplication. These brands work fine, they’re just not as long lasting as say MAC and NARS might be.”

In my 4 or so years of experience with makeup, this is not true. I’ve used MAC shadows, I’ve used LORAC, I’ve used Maybelline and I’ve used CoverGirl. I’ve had expensive shadows that just don’t deliver very well, and my 7 dollar shadows last the same amount of time as my expensive shadows. I’ve actually had worse experiences with MAC than with every drug store product I’ve tried. As I said, it’s NOT the price or the brand, it’s the quality itself. Wearing my L’Oreal and Maybelline shadows, and my 6 dollar mascara and liner, my makeup lasts from 7AM to 3AM the next day. It’s all about how you USE the products. With my oily lids, the price of the product doesn’t matter, the products would still crease. So, all I had to do was find the proper primer method for me.

So, my suggestion is don’t be a makeup snob. Be willing to check out drug store brands and be open to higher end brands. Just remember that with high end brands, you will sometimes be paying mostly for the BRAND, and not the product, and that regardless of price point there will ALWAYS be duds. I’ve found very few drug store duds however, other than stumbling across a chalky shadow or two.”

[Article from The Greatest Make-Up Brand]

Let me leave you all with this…

FYI this equal to 2000USD

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To My Darling Man, The King Of My Heart…

Happy 28th!! (on last 28th december 2009)

I know this is a little too late or wayyyyyyy too late for wish & present. But better late than never..

Happy 28th Birthday!! You’re a year older and wiser now and you know i’ll always look up on you. I ❤ you now, always & forever…

p/s. I hope u like the 6″ tempered black glass top + swivel leather chair. It’s just perfect for your workstation at our love nest. So you can work from home comfortably  😉

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