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New home again

my previous blog link is now closed due to the bloghost expiration and i don’t have any intention to renew it. here’s the link to my new home.



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I Have Moved

Carpe Diem! – If it not now, when?

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It’s About Time To Move Into My New ‘Home’

Hey, I did not realize it till today that I started FarahRahman.wordpress like nearly 2 years ago. August 2008 to be exact. Time flies huh? I love this home very mucho. So many memories I have with her. But I need to move on to the new phase. I will update more in my new home.

My new so-called-new-home is still under construction. I hope it can be ready soon.No more updates in FarahRahman blog. My new home address is Carpe Diem!. So feel free to visit my new home. And i hope you’ll enjoy your stay there.. 🙂  Cya there!

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Oh Alice Where Art Thou?

Alice In Wonderland. I love Alice In Wonderland, since i was a kid. I like all the how all the characters look like. Their facial make-up, the costumes, their stuff and everything about it!

Lets watch it in 3D everyone!

I’ll write more on it after I watch it. 🙂

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Love Is Blind, Marriage Is The Eye Opener..

I was born on 20th February 1986. And I was sacredly married on 20th February 2009… What a joy! I love each moment when I’m with him. I’m blessed! Thank you Allah for giving me the most precious ‘diamond’ a girl could have.

To my dear precious ‘diamond’.. Happy First Wedding Anniversary. May we’ll have more anniversary to come! I love you now, always and forever, ever!


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I’m Not Asking That Much, Just A Tiny Little Wish On My Birthday

Kalau lah dapat this coffee table book ni kan best! Alangkah indahnya!

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I Love Him But He’s Too Handsome For me…

[ This is future? Bwaahahahahahahahah!! yes, Rdiculous is my middle name! ]


[ This is now….Bwahahah! ]

What do you think of him? Handsome sangat kan? Jawdropper tu!  Ini baru tunjuk muka die, belum badan die lagi… Daymn!


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