oh so tense! – part 2

Semalam dah start citer pasal my wedding kan? So, ini adelah sambungan citer semalam. BTW,Thanks for the advise guys! I really need it. Hmm..citer pasal semalam, after work, me and harry went to this one place (which of course, a bridal boutique) situated in Taman Dagang. I fell in love with this particular boutique. It’s owned by a Datin; Datin Lynda Rahim. She’s really friendly and talkative, haha! But, she’s not like what I’ve imagined. She’s really doen to earth!haha.. tapi die peramah and funny,hehe.. Back to the main story here, we actually went there for a wedding planner, and pelamin, and wedding dress & baju melayu and also make-up. The baju2 kat kedai Lynda ni OMG!!! TERSANGAT2 LAH CANTIKKKK i tell you. Rase mcm nak menangis and buat sujud kesyukuran jer sbb dah jumpe baju yg I really like and like the one I always imagined. Yela, i ni bukannyer pandai sgt men’design’ baju. Tu yang susah nak terangkan kat designer tu baju yg macam mane i nak. Mase ni la baru terfikir, ‘kalau la i ni fashion designer….’ kan senang! hehe! Tapi, Alhamduliilah, at last i dipertemukan jgak dgn baju idaman i tu.. 😉

Haaaaa…skg ni baru la rase mcm tak saba nak tggu tarikh keramat tu. Before this, I dun feel any excitement about my wedding, AT ALL!! But now, after i found my dreamed dress, and dreamed pelamin, I kinda feel  the excitement and the nervous, the panicking (all-in-one).I have to stop right here, because i’m goin to another appoinment. This time in Pandan Indah, to discuss about my dream pelamin, it’s very SIMPLE! but i really like it =)…bye-bye now. later..


(to be continued….)



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9 responses to “oh so tense! – part 2

  1. pelamin? pak abu?
    pak abu kalau nak design pelamin kena tengok pengantin nya dulu…
    wahahahhahaaa… quote from astro.

  2. pak abu is not listed in our list la fadzli. his concept is not suitable with our taste. pak abu concept is more to traditional no offense but we want something simple-classy-elegant. 😉
    pencarian pelamin kitorang agak mencabar jugak sbb agak susah nak cari concept yg kitorang minat.tapi at last jumpe jugak. weee-hooo!

  3. fuzy

    hehe..btw sis, aku ske dress kamu!!!

  4. ghee..thanks!! i lyke it too! hehe…

  5. hahahaaa honestly that wasn’t a suggestion.
    just when it came to word pelamin, teringat kat pak abu. so i spill it :LOL:.

    pak abu cam complicated je.. aku tengok soalan add math ke calculus ke lagi senang compared to the cluttered pelamin

  6. Sweety

    down to earth?? yewwww…we used to be in same school before..indah khabar dari rupa!!

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