New home again

my previous blog link is now closed due to the bloghost expiration and i don’t have any intention to renew it. here’s the link to my new home.


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I Have Moved

Carpe Diem! – If it not now, when?

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It’s About Time To Move Into My New ‘Home’

Hey, I did not realize it till today that I started FarahRahman.wordpress like nearly 2 years ago. August 2008 to be exact. Time flies huh? I love this home very mucho. So many memories I have with her. But I need to move on to the new phase. I will update more in my new home.

My new so-called-new-home is still under construction. I hope it can be ready soon.No more updates in FarahRahman blog. My new home address is Carpe Diem!. So feel free to visit my new home. And i hope you’ll enjoy your stay there.. 🙂  Cya there!

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Oh Alice Where Art Thou?

Alice In Wonderland. I love Alice In Wonderland, since i was a kid. I like all the how all the characters look like. Their facial make-up, the costumes, their stuff and everything about it!

Lets watch it in 3D everyone!

I’ll write more on it after I watch it. 🙂

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Being Surrounded By All The Cute & Fancy Stuff Makes Me Smile

I went to Sunway Pyramid last couple months with my entourage just to kill time. The original plan was to go for ice skating, but we cancel the plan because its so packed with human beings. Penuh gile! Semua orang pon nak main ice skating sebab cuaca sekarang panas kot?

So we plan for something else. Eat! As we walked…store by by cafe..and we saw this..

Fullhouse Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe. It did catch our attention! As we went in, we felt like we’re on the other side of the world. Like really nice! Rase macam tak nak keluar dari situ.

@ the entrance

I lurrrrve the interior design and decorations, fancy stuff! As you can see the at   entrance its really fancy! 🙂

But they don’t have variety of foods. We only tried their sandwiches, curry me which is so tasty and the delicious wild mushroom soup!

The famous Wild Mushroom Soup

The Menu book

One of the interior deco

The bathtub

The 'statue'

And they also have the famous soft shell crab! hehe..

Soft Shell Crab

Over all i can say this cafe is really nice to hangs and just chilling, have some light dishes while enjoying the ambience.

Check out for the exact location –>


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Tex-Mex Dinner @ Frontera

We had dinner at Frontera the other night…

Not really good as i thought. The ambience is nothing to brag about. The food, nothing to shout about. Owh maybe..i can say one little thing about the food..that the Habanero Hot Wings which is better than Chillis.

Habanero Hot Wings

And then we had Beef Enchilladas. The taste is a bit weird for orang yg tekak Melayu like me. Lol! So this one memang confirm lah tak habis makan. Membazir je.

Beef Enchilladas

And we also had Chips & Salsa. This one is nice. Dulu-dulu boleh refill macam kat Chillis, but they’re charging it for RM8.95. The owner punye reason is Malaysian attitude ni kalau dah ade bende free die akan order air satu and order Chips & Salsa and duduk lepak lame2 sambil refill banyak kali.

Chips & Salsa

So yeah, takde lah berape sedap sangat seperti yang digembar-gemburkan. 😛

Next time kalau tiba2 nak makan kat sini lagi maybe nak try this Stuffed Nachos and mix platter. Nampak macam sedap.

Stuffed Nachos

Here’s the location :

Frontera Bar and Grill
Palm Square at Jaya One
Corner of Jalan Universiti and Jalan 13/6,
Petaling Jaya.
Phone 603 7958 8515.
Fax 603 7958 8125.

The Star paper on Frontera ->


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Love Is Blind, Marriage Is The Eye Opener..

I was born on 20th February 1986. And I was sacredly married on 20th February 2009… What a joy! I love each moment when I’m with him. I’m blessed! Thank you Allah for giving me the most precious ‘diamond’ a girl could have.

To my dear precious ‘diamond’.. Happy First Wedding Anniversary. May we’ll have more anniversary to come! I love you now, always and forever, ever!


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I’m Not Asking That Much, Just A Tiny Little Wish On My Birthday

Kalau lah dapat this coffee table book ni kan best! Alangkah indahnya!

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I Love Him But He’s Too Handsome For me…

[ This is future? Bwaahahahahahahahah!! yes, Rdiculous is my middle name! ]


[ This is now….Bwahahah! ]

What do you think of him? Handsome sangat kan? Jawdropper tu!  Ini baru tunjuk muka die, belum badan die lagi… Daymn!


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Cheese Crouton with French Onion Soup

Heh, no  i didn’t make any crouton. This entry has no means for the cheese crouton with the french soup onion. the thing its just came across my mind because i watched Saturday Cooks on AFC last night after making dinner. So yeah, just not in the mood to do anything lately. I just want to be isolated. I don’t know why. I have no issue with anyone, maybe because of this stupid hormon changing. Sigh~ i blame u Little Mizz Hormone With Big Impacto!!


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