When I Spend Too Much Time Watching Travelling Food Channel And Asian Food Channel

the lamb chop

the lamb chop



I made Lamb Chop for dinner tonight. This is my first time making lamb chop. And it’s brilliant ( haha…puji diri sendiri. Sila bagi laluan ye?) Khairy loves my Mashed Potato..


He said ” rase macam Kenny Roger’s punye Mashed Potato lah syg! ”  ( this one i’m not lying…mmg sedap pon! haha..but actually i wanted to make mashed potato macam KFC punye. Tapi jadi macam Kenny Roger’s punye… what to do..? Layan kan aje..) And I tell you when he ‘puji’ my cook that means really sedap. If its not tasty he will say it directly..  He makes it easy for me.( Thanks darl!)



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8 responses to “When I Spend Too Much Time Watching Travelling Food Channel And Asian Food Channel

  1. Hey, can I have the mashed potato gravy recipe? 🙂

    • Hey janice. It’s very simple. But mine is non-vege version. Cuz i used what’s left from the lamb chop. The stock that came out from the lamb/chicken/beef itself.
      First, take the fat from the stock ( maybe 3 tea spoon only) put it in ‘periuk’ on the stove and keep stiring it. And then put some butter in it, keep stiring. After that put some flour to make it thickens and browning, keep stiring it. Do not stop stiring. Stir until the color of the grave turn into color of penut butter. Then Put the rest of the stock in the ‘periuk’…and keep stirring. U can add some mushroom or black pepper if you like. It’s up to you. -OR-

      You can use the ready made gravy from McCormick! A product from Australia. http://www.mccormick.com.au/uploads/General_Images/Family-Shot.jpg
      I love the brand! the other brand not nice.. for me la.

  2. inkhairible

    yeah!! yummy! nnt ayg belikan the tools senang sket syg nk perah kentang tuh!

  3. nanako

    kena wat mkn2 ni… bole la kitorg dtg merasa mskn farah 😀 ehehheh..

  4. MQ

    ye ye..kena buat house warming..ada reason nak masak utk jiran tetangga..hehe!

    hery, kena beli potato masher kat IKEA..heh!

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